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About Us

Providing Professional Marine Detailing Services to the Savannah Area

About Us

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Committed to Excellence 

 Detailing isn't just a profession, it's an art form and a skill that takes years to grasp and a lifetime to master.

Our system of detailing has roots in the automotive detailing industry where precision and skill reign! With the creation of Alpha Marine Detailing we succeeded in carrying over these automotive techniques to the marine detailing industry. Backed by more than 40 years of technical knowledge and 15 years of experience our services provide customers and their boats with the safest and most up to date products and techniques. 

At Alpha Marine Detailing we offer a full lineup of professional mobile boat detailing services. Whether your goal is to keep a new boat looking its best or restore an older boat to its former shine, we'll have your vessel ready for any adventure! Give us a call today and see why Alpha Marine Detailing is the first choice when it comes to your boats care!


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