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Performing routine washes is an essential role in maintaining the appearance of any watercraft. Removing any salt or algal growth regularly ensures your vessel will always be ready to entertain guests on your next voyage . Applying a coat of wax following a wash will not only aid in protecting and maintaining the appearance of  your boat, but will also make later washes much easier! 

Over time UV rays from the sun as well as exposure to the elements can leave your boats gel coat looking dull and chalky. In addition frequent washing without proper drying and ocean spray leave hard to remove water stains. Compounding uses micro-abrasives and friction to restore a brilliant mirror shine to your crafts gel coat. 

When machine compounding alone isn't enough, wet sanding  can be a useful tool in restoring a brilliant shine to your boats surface. Wet sanding removes surface gelcoat imperfections through multi-step abrasion, revealing undamaged gelcoat underneath. Issues including minor scratches from dock collision, fender rash, and heavy oxidation can be improved upon and often erased following professional wet sanding. 

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